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Nemateleotris magnifica

The Firefish is a member of the Goby family and like others of its species it possess brilliant colors and quickened movements to liven up any marine aquarium. Firefish are also known as Fire Goby and Fire Dartfish for its agile nature of hovering motionless and then darting to safety at the first indication of danger. The Nemateleotris magnifica has a unique dorsal fin that act as an indicator of stress level, normally erect when social it is laid back against the body when the Firefish becomes stressed.

Yellow Clown Goby

yellow clown goby

The Yellow Clown Goby is one of many varieties of colorful Goby that can enhance the atmosphere of a marine aquarium. Due to the small adult size of the Yellow Clown Goby of only 1.5 inches, it can be housed in as small as a 10 gallon aquarium if not housed with other Clown Goby, as they tend to be aggressive to same species tank mates. The Yellow Clown Goby are very passive towards other species and make great tanks mates even among larger fish.

Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish

Dendrochirus brachypterus

One of the smaller members of the Lionfish family, the Fuzzy Dwarf, or Shortfin Lionfish, can quickly become the favorite of new owners. The brilliant stripes that adorn the webbed fins range from the light browns to reds and occasionally into black, set against a pale white body. The smaller mature size of only 7 inches coupled with the low risk to reef tanks allow for multiple Dwarf Lionfish to be kept in the same enclosure.


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