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Clarkii Clownfish

Latin Name: 
Amphiprion clarkii
Common Name(s): 
Clark's Anemonefish
Yellow Tailed Anemonefish
Indian Ocean
Clarkii Clownfish
Temperament : 
Moderate Aggression
Reef Compatibility: 
Low Danger to Reef
Level of Care: 
Minimum Tank Size: 
20 Gallons
Maximum Size: 
6 Inches

Clarkii Clownfish have a red to almost black body color with and orange forehead and three stripes on each side of the body with some retaining their yellow tails to adults. On rare instances a Clarkii Clown will have a completely black body as an adult. Amphirion Clarkii or Clarkii Clownfish can be highly aggressive toward tank mates in general and use caution with other clownfish altogether if not provided enough room. If keeping more than one type of clownfish, keeping more anemones than pairs of Clarkii Clowns may help curb aggression slightly. Clarkii Clownfish are hardy, which makes them a great addition to any reef aquarium. As is the case with all clownfish, most are born as males, and the dominant male will change to a female so buy in pairs or multiples to achieve a breeding pair. Whichever name you find them under Clark's Anemonefish, Clark’s Clownfish, Yellow Tailed Anemone Fish or Clarkii Clownfish a fish with great personality and not as shy as some clowns.

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