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Rabbitfish, or Foxface, are a great addition to a community reef environment. Their passive personality and beautiful shape and coloring are wonderful to behold. Also known as Spinefoots, Rabbitfish are native to shallow lagoons in the Indo-pacific and Mediterranean waters. Many of these fish from the family Siganidae are known as Foxfaces because of their color patterns which resemble the masked appearance of a fox. They are able to consume large amounts of algae, including many types often found in the home aquarium. Some species tend to nip at corals so use caution when adding them to a reef environment. They also mat become competitive with other fish of the same species but generally act as a dither fish in the aquarium community. Foxface tend to be disease resistant and are usually able to survive changes in water parameters. These peaceful fish have venomous anal and dorsal spines which they use in a defensive manner. The dramatic color patterns and active behavior of the Foxface make it a favorite for aquarium owners.

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